Thursday, December 7, 2006

Print Web Pages without background.

Save your ink, save your money. Sometimes we need to print web pages, background consumes more ink and of course consumes more money, but if you want to print the background then that will be ok for you. This tip only for people who want to save their ink and their money.

For Internet Explorer :

  1. Click on Tools > Internet Options. This will popup Internet Option window.
  2. Choose Advanced tab, look for Printing section. Make sure Print background colors and images uncheck.
  3. Click Apply button, and then Ok button.

For Firefox:

  1. Click on File > Page Setup. This will popup Page Setup window.
  2. In Options section, make sure you uncheck Print Background (colors & images).
  3. Click Ok button.

If you want to print background then just follow steps above but this time make sure you check Print background colors and images for Internet Explorer and check Print Background (colors & images) for Firefox.

Save your ink and your money bloggers .........

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