Thursday, December 7, 2006

Shortcut keys for shortcut icons.

I have so many programs installed on my computer, and of course I also have so many shortcut icons on my desktop. Sometimes I got problem to find a program shortcut that I want to run, sound funny huh .... but it really happened to me. Well, if you have same problem with me or maybe just want to have fun with your computer here the steps to assign shortcut keys for shortcut icons:
  1. Right click on shortcut icon that you want to assign shortcut key, choose Properties. This will popup new window named “’Your application name’ Properties”.
  2. Click on Shortcut tab, find “Shortcut key:”,default value is “None”.
  3. Assign a letter to Shortcut key, value will change depend on letter you assigned (ex: if you assigned letter a then you’ll see Ctrl + Alt + A). Now you can just hit Ctrl + Alt + A to run the program.
  4. If you want to assign a number not a letter then you have to hit Ctrl + Alt + “number you want”.
  5. Click on Apply button, and then Ok button.

Now no more hide and seek to run a program.

Enjoy ......

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