Friday, December 15, 2006

Make file list from directory.

You could use this to make list of your mp3 files, jpg files, and then you can edit it or maybe print it. Steps:
  1. Click Start > Run > type ‘cmd’. This will open Command Prompt window.
  2. Go to folder that you want to make list (type ‘ cd ‘).
  3. Type ‘ dir >files.txt ‘. This will create .txt file contains your folder list, you can open this file with notepad or another word processor.
  4. You can use wildcard to make restriction( ex :‘dir *.jpg >files.txt ‘ This will create list of files with .jpg extension).

You can open or edit files.txt with notepad or maybe MS Word.


wList create file list said...

This will not save national characters (with diacritics marks) properly.

I'm using wList, try it:


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you have to pay $15 for wList. I have found another tool, which also supports national characters (unicode) and is free and portable:

Filelist Creator

With this tool you have lots of further possibilities like grouping files, export as image, HTML or text file and you can also create lists of folders.